Ottoman and modern times


For the Ottoman period, 3 houses and some characteristic pipes are the only traces of sedentarisation. The spot seems to have been abandoned till Suleiman, from the Saleitha tribe, arrived and claimed the land as his own. One of the Ottoman houses will be transformed into a "Folklore Museum".   


Ottoman House in sector C2

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In the past 20 years we have seen how fast the village has grown, thanks to the stable political situation.  Since the first excavations in Lehun, the modern life and the economical growth of the country have changed the whole landscape.  The hamlet of four houses, which we discovered when we went to Lehun for the first time, has been spectacularly transformed into a modern village with more than 20 new buildings, sometimes with two or three storeys. 
There certainly is a will to modernise the village: since our arrival, the inhabitants have provided areas for the construction of a primary school and a mosque.  Last year a separate school for girls has been built.  An asphalted road replaces the earth track and passes through the village.  A bus serves Lehun twice a day. The introduction of running water and electricity brought more comfort to modern life.  Trucks and cars replaced the camel.